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Kingston Police Community Volunteers

In 1996, Kiwanis Kingston provided financial assistance to form the Kingston Police Community Volunteers. Initially starting with 25 members, the group now boasts over 50 full-time members. The mandate of the Volunteers is to provide the Kingston Police with an enhanced community involvement, as well as to provide a wide variety of duties as required, most importantly to be the eyes and ears of the community. With this direct involvement, the Kingston Police and the executive members have been able to mold the KPCV into an extremely important and functional tool for the Kingston community.

The constant presence of the KPCV in the community promotes goodwill between the community and its police service. In a number of patrols, volunteer members have located numerous stolen vehicles and property, assisted in accident scenes, conducted searches for missing persons, located intoxicated drivers, assisted in searching for evidence at crime scenes and prevented public access to criminal standoffs. In concert with the Kingston Police, the volunteers assisted in a recent break-and-enter project and have conducted numerous child identification clinics with our Digital Child Id system. In all these instances, by providing direct support to the uniformed officers, the volunteers have freed the officers to allow them to concentrate on their tasks.

When out on patrol, the volunteers’ vehicles are equipped with emergency kits, containing first aid kits, amber lights, traffic cones, traffic safety vests and biohazard containers. Each volunteer carries a Casio hand-held organizer, which contains a database of stolen autos that is updated weekly.

When a major emergency occurs, the Watch Commander conducts a fan out of volunteer personnel, to report to the scene or headquarters. By utilizing the KPCV, police can concentrate on the emergency and allow the volunteers to secure the site or any tasks as required. The work of the KPCV during the Ice Storm of 1998 was highly praised, when members put in more than 900 hours going door-to-door to check on the welfare of homeowners.

The volunteers are well known in the Kingston area and are highly visible in their white dress shirts and yellow jackets. They are present at a number of special events in the community throughout the year. The group also provides enhanced security, traffic control, parking assistance and crowd control. KPCV also assists with CAA Car Seat clinics throughout the year.


Volunteer With Us!

Please  click the button below to download a copy of an application in PDF form to join the Kingston Police Community Volunteers. Please be sure to complete the attached CPIC form as well (be sure to have witnessed), if not completed fully application cannot be accepted and will be destroyed. Completed forms are to be returned to Kingston Police Headquarters at 705 Division Street, front desk. We normally cut off recruitment every year on the 30th of September and start the interview process late November or early December. PLEASE NOTE ONLY APPLICATIONS SELECTED FOR INTERVIEW WILL BE CONTACTED.