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Is your bottom line impacted by the cost of handling returned product?

In some manufacturing facilities, there’s been no clear way to catch defects in a metal coil before being introduced into production. The typical approach has been to wait for the product to be rejected and returned by the customer.  The manufacturer simply absorbed the cost. 


The challenge of automating defect detection in metal coils has been that often the defects are very subtle.  Tell-tale discolorations and inclusions sometimes have very low contrast compared with the adjacent material.  When coiled metal has a reflective surface, detection is frustrated further.

To detect quality problems, Skye Automation’s defect detection system is installed just before the slitter, where defective material can be detected and the line can be stopped.

The defect detection system uses advanced cameras to scan for defects at resolutions of 50 microns per pixel, with a defect detection down to 500 microns.

The Skye Automation defect detection system detects voids, holes, cracks, discoloration and other defects as small as half a millimeter in size. In the case of catastrophic defects, the line can be stopped and defective segments of material can be removed before they are introduced into production.


The result of this approach has been that product can be appropriately graded or discarded entirely instead of being shipped to the customer.

Lower RMA and RGAs

Reduce returns and return handling costs by only shipping product of the highest-possible quality.

Reduce Waste, Increase Profit

Isolate and remove the problem part of the coil instead of polluting your product.

Part-To-Part Consistency

Completely control the quality and consistencey of the product you ship.

We’re Ready To Improve The Quality of your Shipped Product

Skye Automation Inc. is an automated solutions provider for controls, electro-mechanical, safety, machine vision and sensor applications. We have over 20 years of experience in transforming the manufacturing process with added speed, profitability and UNBEATABLE part-to-part consistency.

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